Holidays to Turkey

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Essential Holiday Information...

Please read this leaflet carefully as it contains all the essential information you will need before your flight departs and all the relevant arrival details at your overseas destination.

It also contains helpful regarding a 'healthy' flight and useful tips about car parking and hotels at selected UK airports. See overleaf for:


  • Which airport terminal?
  • Airport ticket collection
  • Car parking at the airport
  • Hotels at UK airports
  • Arrival at overseas airport
  • How to contact us in resort
  • Healthy flying
  • Insurance claims
  • Holiday money
  • Problems in resort

Have a great holiday.


  • Valid Passports & Visas
  • Tickets
  • Copy of Invoice
  • Health certificates if required
  • Travellers Cheques
  • Currency
  • Driving Licence if required
  • Travel Insurance

The Foreign Office; Travel Information »

Check with the Foreign office for latest advice on where, and where not to travel.

UK Passport Agency »

Need to renew your passport? Then this is the place to go. Remember most countries outside of the EU will expect you to have at least 6 months validity remaining in your current passport

Health Advice »

Use this link to check with the Department of Health for latest health alerts worldwide and basic health tips.

General Visa Information to Travel to Tunisia »

British citizens not require tourist visa to enter Tunnisia. Other nationals may need visa and they may need to apply to Tunisian Consulate. If strongly advice other nationals to check visa requirements.

General Visa Information to Travel to Turkey »

British citizens require tourist visa to enter Turkey. You can obtain a three month multiple entry sticker type visa at the port of entry in Turkey. You do not need to apply to Turkish Consulate. If strongly advice other nationals to check visa requirements.

Vaccinations & Health

No vaccinations are necessary to enter Tunisia. Please consult your doctor for up to date information. Bottled water is recommended.


Free import allowance includes 200 cigarettes, 1litre bottle of alcoholic beverage, and a reasonable amount of perfume. There are duty free shops on arrival in Tunisia.

Passport & Visas

Please note that it is your responsibility to have a valid passport and, where applicable, a visa for your holiday. If you hold a non-British passport it is your responsibility to check your passport and visa details with the relevant consulate.


The unit of currency is the Dinar and it can only be obtained in Tunisia. The exchange rate is fixed and is approximately 2 dinars to £1 Sterling. Cash or travellers cheques are readily exchangeable in banks, hotels and bureau de change. Receipts need to be kept to change leftover dinars back. ATMs are also available in major cities and credit cards are widely accepted.


You must have a travel insurance to travel with us.


Tunisia is one hour ahead of the UK in winter. There is no time difference in the summer.

Dress Code

Tunisians have a generally relaxed attitude and casual clothing is worn.

While topless bathing is allowed around most hotel swimming pools and on private beaches, respectable dress is required at religious sites.


Arabic is the official language, but French is widely spoken all over the country. Shopkeepers and hotel staff usually speak three or four European languages and English is widely spoken in tourist areas.


98% of the population are Muslims, the remaining 2% are Jews, Christians and other denominations. The country's Islamic traditions have very little direct impact on holidaymakers.


Some restaurants include a service charge, but it is mainly left to the discretion of customers to tip staff who have been helpful and attentive.


UK electrical appliances will work but need a two-pin continental adapter. Tunisia works on the European standard 220 volts (the same as the UK and Republic of Ireland).



Family contacts Holiday details for relatives

It is always a good idea to let a friend or relative have details of how long you will be away for, the address of the accommodation (if known) or the contact details of our local Holidays agent in your destination. Tell them which airline you are flying on and your expected UK arrival time if they are planning on collecting you from the airport.

Money & travellers cheques

It is recommended that you take a mix of Sterling cash and traveller's cheques. If you are taking Travellers cheques remember to make a list of serial numbers and keep the list separate together with contact telephone numbers for your credit card providers. Scottish notes are not accepted in Turkey and Tunisia.

Passports & Visas

It is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with immigration requirements for your holiday and that your passport is valid for the whole of your stay. You are further advised to have at least three months validity on your passport after your date of entry into your destination. If you need to apply for a new passport allow at least eight weeks before you travel. The Post Office provides a guaranteed service for a small charge. It might be a good idea to check for recent information. You may need to obtain a visa before travelling to some countries. As visa requirements may change at any time, it is important to double check the visa requirements with the relevant Consulate or Embassy to the country you are planning to visit within 6 weeks of departure or refer to

If you are a non British national please check with your embassy or consulate whether you need to apply for any special entry permits well before you travel.

Please check for relevant links to your destinations consulate internet site.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues and frequently updates advice for those travelling outside the UK. The advice includes general warnings and specific information for the benefit of travellers. To access the latest information visit


Should you, for whatever reason, need additional funds whilst on holiday and not be able to use the facilities of a bank, money exchange office or cash dispenser, you will need to contact either your UK bank or a friend / relative who will be in a position to transfer money to you. We regret that Just Sunshine Holidays is unable to offer financial assistance in resort.


Hiring a car gives you more freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can pre book your car on or you can call us on 0870 787 5424 so we can arrange it for you. Pre booking your car will help you to take your car immediately and you may avoid the crowd or disappointment of unavailability.


Please ensure you have adequate insurance Cover before you travel and check any pre-existing medical conditions with your doctor before finalising your insurance cover Please remember to take your insurance details with you on holiday and keep them in a safe place in your hotel / apartment. Should an insurance claim be necessary, you will need to obtain a representative's or local agent's report and, where applicable, a police report. A claim cannot be processed without the relevant form(s). On return to the UK, you should contact the insurance company to request a claims form. Please do not contact Just Sunshine Holidays as the claim will be handled directly by the insurance company.


Travel & Getting About

Dolmus: Are locally licensed minibuses, which don't have stops just wave them down. Cheap and convenient.

Taxis: Not expensive compared to the UK.

Buses and coaches: Ideal for longer journeys usually modern, clean and good value.


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